After the War.

War has numerous consequences to both active participants and the victims of war. There have been a number of studies undertaken to the study of the effects of war from social studies to clinical studies even museums. In this article I will focus on the psychological consequences of war.

War can have adverse effects or consequences on active participants as well as the victims of war. Participants of war have to make extraordinary decisions almost every moment they are at war. These decisions include decisions to kill children, torture their enemies even in some cases the rape of women as a form of weapon of war. Victims of war will also experience lasting psychological damage having had to face life threatening situations on a daily basis for an extended period of time. Both participants and victims may experience a condition called Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). People who are suffering from PTSD have difficulty adjusting to day to day activities of society, they experience flashbacks of traumatic event, and they find it difficult to keep a job or maintain relationships.

War is hard whichever way you think about it. I have read about people who have ended up taking their own lives as a consequence of having been to war. There have been children who’ve lost out on having childhoods because of war. I hope one day we will live in a world as envisioned by Article 2(3) of the UN Charter which states that every country should resolve their disputes peacefully.

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