Sorry Sweden, America wins…every time.

I recently posted up a tweet on how noble it was for Sweden to try and stand up to being bullied by the US on principle. In case you missed, an American hip hop musician named ASAP Rocky was arrested in Sweden after being involved in a street brawl in Sweden. Rocky was subsequently denied bail, this led to another hip hop musician, Kanye West, contacting the American president asking him to intervene. That’s right, we’re in 2019, hip hop musicians now have a direct line to the President of the United States, which I must admit is the one thing I like about Donald Trump. Trump called the leader of Sweden and demanded the release of Rocky to which little Sweden refused to do on the principle of sovereignty. As brave as little Sweden’s action may seem anyone in global affairs knew that Sweden was merely delaying the inevitable. The US always gets its way they’ve made sure of that in every possible way. I explain.

After the last World War, the nations of the world got together and put together a kind of world government to ensure there isn’t another world war. The UN was born in 1945 its goals was the maintenance of world peace and security. To do this the UN created an arm that will deal with making sure states really don’t go against the grain, this arm is known as The Security Council. The Security Council is responsible for the dispensation of the blue helmets you see wherever peace is being threatened. The task of the Security Council seems straight forward if peace is being threatened, send in the blue helmets in their capacity of peacekeepers or peace enforcers. Unfortunately, it is not that simple you see in theory the Security Council cannot act without the US agreeing to send in the needed help. The US is one of the 5 permanent members of the Security Council and nothing can be done without all of them agreeing, this is called a veto. Russia, China, UK, France also hold this veto. Do you remember the Rwanda genocide? Well the US was against the sending in of peace enforcers as a result 800, 000 people lost their lives. As the genocide was occurring and the other four members pleaded with the US to send help the US finally agreed to send help as they were getting backlash from the rest of the world, they further delayed military action by not cooperating to supplying military personnel as per Article 43 of the charter.

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